Even the most intricate design can be affixed to asphalt

While we are the largest applicator of decorative asphalt in the country (over five million square feet and counting), we know that some designs are too intricate to be applied directly to asphalt.

Upon submission, designs are fed into a software program that allows our team to create pre-cut thermo-plastic pieces that are then melted onto existing asphalt or concrete installation. There is no coating required.

Because our thermo-plastic solution is computer-generated and cut by a machine, this allows for most designs to be produced and affixed to an existing asphalt installation, regardless of how detailed it may be. This process is the perfect alternative to projects that can’t be done using decorative stamped asphalt.

Like decorative asphalt, this product is also placed into the slight imprint of the pavement, but it is melted in, slightly lower than the top level of the pavement. This makes Thermo-Plastic a great solution for cold climates whose roads require snow plow blades to scrape over them or have high traffic areas. Thermo-Plastic also offers additional light reflection at night, as it has glass beads mixed into the plastic.