Downtown Mesa

Downtown Tolleson

Wickenburg Hassayampa Bridge

Arizona Centennial

Phoenix’s 100 Year Anniversary

Phoenix’s Centennial Celebration took place between 7th Avenue and 19th Avenue, downtown Phoenix (in 2012, of course!). Sidewalks were converted to “new” with our concrete coating and crosswalks were beautifully installed with our decorative paving products and technology.

Crosswalks were created with a custom template, and installed using DP200 Heavy Duty Traffic Roadway Coating and DP100 Tire Repellant Sealer. Sidewalks were reconstructed to look brand new using “concrete grey”.

City of Scottsdale Marshall and Main

                Marshall and Main , Old Town Scottsdale


Scottsdale’s Arts District was in need of new paving, so what better way to get creative than with roundabouts and crosswalks!

DPS used Decorative Stamped Asphalt on the roundabout by the fountain. It was printed in Ashler Slate in Bedrock color, using DP200 high-traffic coating, with DP100 Clear Seal, a tire marks repellant. Bands were added to the roundabout  in Driftwood. Four crosswalks were also installed with the Stamped Ashphalt in the Offset Brick pattern in Chestnut Brown color, also coated with DP100 Clear Seal.

Decorative Stamped Asphalt is an affordable solution to traditional materials and labor. It’s easily installed and low maintenance to upkeep.



Left: Crosswalks in Stamped Asphalt in Offset BrickPattern and Chestnut Brown and DP100 Clear SealRight: Roundabout in Stamped Asphalt in Ashler Slate in Bedrock color and 100 Clear Seal



City of Scottsdale

StreetScapes – Phase I


StreetScapes is a city project that will eventually cover over 20 miles of streets through the City of Scottsdale.

DPS has completed their portion of Phase I of this project, located between Roosevelt and Thomas Roads. New crosswalks and medians were installed, matching the blue watery theme with a unique wavy blue pattern, which at first presented itself as an installation obstacle.Loving the challenge of custom designs, Hadar was able to create a pattern design that would meet thecreative requirements of the project, yet could still be implemented with DPS’s technology.Decorative Stamped Asphalt was used to install the artistic crosswalks and medians. DP200 high-traffic coating was used for the pavement, topped with DP100 Clear Seal. The sealer will protect the installation from the high traffic and tire marks.DPS is looking forward to Phase II of this artistic project!


City of Scottsdale Traffic Calming Project


                       68th Street median, Scottsdale68th_1

Here the city wanted to create a visually pleasing way to create meandering travel lanes in an effort to

slow drivers. As you can see from our video, we reheat the asphalt, lay down any combination of our standard or custom template designs, and then coat it with our epoxy based, acrylic-modified coating.

The benefits of our special coating are many-fold. One, we

can make standard asphalt pavement look as gr68th_2eat as laid brick, cobblestone, slate, etc. Another benefit is that our coating protects asphalt pavement from oxidation and erosion – very important to municipalities. Even more, some of our city jobs carrying a lot of traffic are seven years old and still do not require a freshening coat.

If the city decides to repave one of our project roads or otherwise removes a portion of our design, we can easily reproduce any design and repairs are seamless.


Old Towne Scottsdale

Soleri Bridge and Plaza – Equestrian Trail , Old Towne Scottsdalesoleri_1


The Soleri Bridge and Plaza was coated with our “concrete gray” tint across the plaza to designate the equestrian trail.






Left: Thermo-Plastic installation at intersection of Stetson and Drinkwater

Right: Waterfront Bridge, Old Towne Scottsdale

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City of Phoenix


24th Street and Camelback Intersection24th_camel1

These are some images of our creative Thermo-Plastic installations in the City of Phoenix.
















Thermo-Plastic at 24th St and Camelback intersection




City of Gilbert


Downtown intersection


These are some images of our creative decorative stamped asphalt installations in the City of Gilbert. Our work includes the full intersection, including crosswalks, medians and the custom logos.


Glendale “Alleyways” Project

Decorative asphalt paving used on Glendale’s alleyways, bringing a unique charm to their already charming downtown.

Chaparral High School

Football Field

These are some images of our creative decorative asphalt installations in the football field at Chaparral High School.