Decorative Paving Solutions Teams Up with City of Scottsdale to Creatively Improve Roads

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Decorative Paving Solutions Teams Up with City of Scottsdale to Creatively Improve Roads
Jul 31, 2011
Scottsdale-based Decorative Paving Solutions is the local leader in decorative stamped asphalt. Also offering Thermo-Plastic, Cobble Systems, and Soil Stabilizers, DPS offers many creative, affordable solutions to municipalities, commercial developers and residential clients.

DPS recently completed two road projects in partnership with the City of Scottsdale. The first project was creatively designing 11 new crosswalks near the new baseball stadium erected near Pima and Via de Ventura.

Ready to bring new vitality to this area, roads were rebuilt, expanded, and streetscapes and crosswalks were installed. The City of Scottsdale always brings creativity and beauty to its outdoor projects, and this is no exception.

DPS used decorative stamped asphalt to create a beautiful terracotta clay look in the new crosswalks. The two-tone colors and the herringbone design used in the brick pattern are just a few of the embellishments added to the design.

This project was completed in partnership with Ricor Construction, the City of Scottsdale and the Pima Indian Community, whose land the project currently resides on.

The second project completed in the City of Scottsdale is a traffic calming added to the Roosevelt Neighborhood, located between Scottsdale Rd and Miller Rd. Being a cut-through road, as well as a feeder road to 4 neighborhoods and a bus route, traffic was an issue for the 40 or so homes facing Roosevelt.

By creating a meandering roadway with median islands, speed tables and side islands, traffic is slowed. DPS installed 6 crosswalks and 7 medians for this project. Although it appears to be terracotta red clay bricks, by using the decorative stamped asphalt, the crosswalk and median installations are more affordable and have greater durability. This is the second traffic calming that DPS has installed for the City of Scottsdale in the past year.

“We under promise and over deliver” says it all for Decorative Paving Solutions, who is dedicated to top quality customer service and creativity with all of their projects. Their track record of installations is impeccable and the list of satisfied clients grows steadily.

Decorative Paving Solutions offers affordable solutions for roads, crosswalks, driveways, parking lots, flooring, patios, pools and much more! For more information, please call Hadar Rahav at (480) 446-9000.