Solar Reflective (IR) Coating

IR Reflective Decorative Pavement Coating

The Southwest is hot and we use only the best products that will keep our outdoor installations looking fabulous, regardless of the summer heat! Our solar reflective product offers up to 30 degrees of cooling protection for concrete and asphalt. Keeping the concrete and asphalt from drying out, this product keeps maintenance low, and costs low.

It comes in a variety of colors and is mixed with our high-traffic coating product.

This product offers leeds credits and is considered a green product.


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Product Description

Solar Reflective DP-200IR Decorative Pavement Coating is an epoxy modified Acrylic pigmented coating with a unique blend of Infra-Red reflective pigments and abrasion resistant aggregates. IR Reflective DP-200IR Decorative Pavement Coating is used to preserve and beautify asphalt, concrete, wood or primed metal surfaces in all climates. IR Reflective DP-200IR provides traction and wear-resistance for not only normal foot and vehicular traffic, but the aggressive commercial vehicular traffic type demands that need to be met on commercial roads. Lowering the surface temperature between 20 and 45 degrees and lowering the heat index of all surrounding surfaces is known as the “Heat Island Effect.” IR Reflective DP-200IR Decorative Pavement Coating can also be used on surfaces such as Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Handball Courts, Volleyball Courts or any other slip resistant surface requirements that would be enhanced by lowering the surface temperatures. Easy to use by applying with a spray gun and soft bristle broom, IR Reflective DP-200IR Decorative Pavement Coating is “freeze thaw” tolerant for use in both hot and cold climates. IR Reflective DP-200IR Decorative Pavement Coating incorporate IR Reflective Pigments, which lower the surface temperature by reflecting the suns infra-red rays that, are responsible for heating up surface temperatures. When utilized where required in hotter climates, IR Reflective DP-200IR can earn Leed credits when used to reduce “Heat Island Effect.”


IR Reflective Decorative Pavement Coating can be used in a variety of applications where skid resistant coatings and lower surface temperatures are required. IR Reflective Decorative Pavement Coating can be blended with graded aggregates and is typically applied in multiple coats to achieve a uniform surface which can be modified to accommodate various levels of performance and skid resistance on surfaces such as:

  • Any and all sports type court surfaces
  • Swimming Pool decks
  • Bike Paths
  • Driveways and side walks
  • Balconies and boat docks
  • Stadium bleachers and food concession areas.
  • Parking structures and automobile traffic surfacing.
  • Plaza and sidewalk resurfacing after repair.
  • Entertainment environments requiring themed flooring. etc.


  • Lowering surface temperatures and reducing “Heat 4. Island Effect”
  • Superior Skid resistance for both Vehicular and Foot Traffic demands
  • Water-resistant, and “Freeze Thaw” resistant and will aid in restricting water penetration and salt attack.
  • Thin-section
  • Slip-resistant (when incorporated with non-slip medium)
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • May be used as a stucco or masonry colorant.
  • Chemical Resistant